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high performance computing solutions aldec - high performance computing advancements in fpga silicon tool flows and ips have proven fpgas to be the ideal solution for accelerating complex computational applications for solving science engineering and business problems, ubuntu on ultrazed embedded high performance computing - machine learning has become an integral part of many of the cloud services we use on a daily basis such as google assist and apple siri the implementation of the neural networks comprising the back end of these services has taken the form of high performance computing hpc nodes using gpu hardware accelerators, 13th workshop on virtualization in high performance cloud - 13th workshop on virtualization in high performance cloud computing vhpc 18 held in conjunction with international supercomputing conference high performance june 24 28 2018 frankfurt germany, xilinx 7 series fpgas breakthrough power and performance - high perfor mance low po we r hi ghes t hi gher hi gh low low er low es t xi li nx unif ied fpga series fpga families 7 series fpgas breakthrough 50 power reduction, linux accelerated computing instances amazon elastic - linux accelerated computing instances if you require high processing capability you ll benefit from using accelerated computing instances which provide access to hardware based compute accelerators such as graphics processing units gpus or field programmable gate arrays fpgas, kintex 7 fpga family xilinx all programmable - kintex 7 fpgas provide your designs with the best price performance watt at 28nm while giving you high dsp ratios cost effective packaging and support for mainstream standards like pcie gen3 and 10 gigabit ethernet, the high frequency signals of pcie 4 0 demand higher - one example of pcie used in high performance computing is in weather forecasting meteoswiss the swiss federal office for meteorology and climatology uses servers densely populated with acceleration devices to compute weather forecast models for simulation meteoswiss achieves significant energy efficiency by connecting multiple accelerator devices gpus using pcie, dell emc fujitsu using intel fpgas in data center servers - dell emc and fujitsu are the first top tier server makers to incorporate programmable processors from intel into their systems a move that officials with the chip maker say is an initial step that will lead to other vendors offering the acceleration technology in their offerings, general purpose computing on graphics processing units - general purpose computing on graphics processing units gpgpu rarely gpgp is the use of a graphics processing unit gpu which typically handles computation only for computer graphics to perform computation in applications traditionally handled by the central processing unit cpu the use of multiple video cards in one computer or large numbers of graphics chips further parallelizes the, can fpgas beat gpus in accelerating next generation deep - continued exponential growth of digital data of images videos and speech from sources such as social media and the internet of things is driving the need for analytics to make that data understandable and actionable, linux clusters overview high performance computing - this tutorial is intended to be an introduction to using lc s linux clusters it begins by providing a brief historical background of linux clusters at lc noting their success and adoption as a production high performance computing platform, amazon ec2 f1 instances partners - learn more about amazon ec2 f1 instances and how you use fpgas for application acceleration, amazon ec2 instance types amazon web services aws - m5 instances are the latest generation of general purpose instances this family provides a balance of compute memory and network resources and it is a good choice for many applications, hdl chip design a practical guide for designing - hdl chip design a practical guide for designing synthesizing simulating asics fpgas using vhdl or verilog douglas j smith on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers, fpgas for software programmers dirk koch frank hannig - fpgas for software programmers dirk koch frank hannig daniel ziener on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers this book makes powerful field programmable gate array fpga and reconfigurable technology accessible to software engineers by covering different state of the art high level synthesis approaches e g, ice40 lp hx lm lattice semiconductor - features available in three series with luts ranging from 384 to 7680 low power lp low power with embedded ip lm and high performance hx, caltech computing mathematical sciences course - caltech engineering and applied science computing mathematical sciences