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high performance computing solutions aldec - high performance computing advancements in fpga silicon tool flows and ips have proven fpgas to be the ideal solution for accelerating complex computational applications for solving science engineering and business problems, intel stratix 10 fpgas overview high performance - intel stratix 10 fpgas and socs deliver breakthrough advantages in performance power efficiency density and system integration advantages that are unmatched in the industry featuring the revolutionary intel hyperflex fpga architecture and built on the intel 14 nm tri gate process, high level synthesis for any fpga legup computing - 10x performance with cloud fpgas our cloud platform enables software developers to program deploy scale and manage fpgas for accelerating high performance applications, linux accelerated computing instances amazon elastic - linux accelerated computing instances if you require high processing capability you ll benefit from using accelerated computing instances which provide access to hardware based compute accelerators such as graphics processing units gpus or field programmable gate arrays fpgas, speedcore embedded fpga efpga achronix semiconductor corp - a speedcore embedded fpga efpga can be integrated into an asic or soc configured to meet the individual requirements of customers speedcore efpgas massively improve performance power and area enabling functionality that has never before been possible in standalone fpgas speedcore technology is a game changer and shipping today, general purpose computing on graphics processing units - general purpose computing on graphics processing units gpgpu rarely gpgp is the use of a graphics processing unit gpu which typically handles computation only for computer graphics to perform computation in applications traditionally handled by the central processing unit cpu the use of multiple video cards in one computer or large numbers of graphics chips further parallelizes the, dell emc fujitsu using intel fpgas in data center servers - dell emc and fujitsu are the first top tier server makers to incorporate programmable processors from intel into their systems a move that officials with the chip maker say is an initial step, amazon ec2 f1 instances cloud computing services - amazon ec2 f1 is a compute instance with field programmable gate arrays fpgas that you can program to create custom hardware accelerations for your application, can fpgas beat gpus in accelerating next generation deep - continued exponential growth of digital data of images videos and speech from sources such as social media and the internet of things is driving the need for analytics to make that data understandable and actionable, hdl chip design a practical guide for designing - hdl chip design a practical guide for designing synthesizing simulating asics fpgas using vhdl or verilog douglas j smith on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers, amazon ec2 instance types amazon web services - amazon ec2 provides a wide selection of instance types optimized to fit different use cases instance types comprise varying combinations of cpu memory storage and networking capacity and give you the flexibility to choose the appropriate mix of resources for your applications, fpgas for software programmers dirk koch frank hannig - fpgas for software programmers dirk koch frank hannig daniel ziener on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers this book makes powerful field programmable gate array fpga and reconfigurable technology accessible to software engineers by covering different state of the art high level synthesis approaches e g, intel soc fpgas programmable devices - cyclone v soc fpgas provide the industry s lowest system cost and power the soc fpga high performance levels are ideal for differentiating high volume applications such as industrial motor control drives protocol bridging video converter and capture cards and handheld devices, xilinx unveils revolutionary adaptable computing product - san jose calif march 19 2018 prnewswire xilinx inc nasdaq xlnx the leader in adaptive and intelligent computing today announced a new breakthrough product category called adaptive compute acceleration platform acap that goes far beyond the capabilities of an fpga an acap is a, semiconductor engineering fpgas becoming more soc like - fpgas are blinged out rockstars compared to their former selves no longer just a collection of look up tables luts and registers fpgas have moved well beyond into now being architectures for system exploration and vehicles for proving a design architecture for future asics, spartan 6 fpga family xilinx all programmable - spartan 6 devices are the most cost optimized fpgas offering industry leading connectivity features such as high logic to pin ratios small form factor packaging and a diverse number of supported i o protocols